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Text Express

BV Media Solutions has partnered with Real Mobile Tech. Our intuitive Text-Message Marketing platform allows you to automate your customer engagement simply and conveniently.







Text Express makes sending text marketing campaigns as simple as starting one-on-one conversations. Our features take SMS marketing to the next level. Our customers include retail businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Fortune 500 corporations, schools, political campaigns, and more.







We provide your business with a unique phone number that your prospects and customers can dial or text a keyword like “gift” to receive a unique digital promotion from you. Our system captures their phone number and the message allows them to Opt-in and receive a promotional gift from you. This allows you to build a database of mobile phones numbers to continue to engage your customers with valuable offers to generate more revenue for your business.


No more plastic cards to clutter your wallet. Our E-gifts are delivered digitally right to your customers phones and our FREE application for your business allows your customers to store your digital E-gifts on their Smart-Phones to come back and shop at your store.

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