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Email Marketing

 With a database of over 225 million opt-in emails, SEN-U​R EMAIL specializes in permission based highly targeted email campaigns. With hundreds of separate micro targeting factors for consumers and over 18,000 SIC codes as well as 600+ job titles for business. We follow all the guidelines set by the DMA and are fully CAN-Spam compliant.


Opt-In Database
 Our records are comprised of self-reported consumers and businesses that have opted in their information via online surveys, e-subscriptions, and e-registrations, as well as from our extensive network of permission based websites and partners.

Email Delivery
  BV Media Solutions boasts high email delivery and inbox rates. We have great relations with ISPs. We provide throttle mail delivery, to allow better inbox delivery.

Real Time Tracking System
  We are one of few companies to provide a state of the art real time tracking system for all campaigns. This system will give you and your clients log ins and passwords to view your statistics in real time. You will be able to monitor and visualize your campaigns at the click of a button.


Social Media

Social Media Marketing is unique because our online campaigns transcend the web and enter the offline world to generate leads and sales for our clients. Utilization of each social media site has its own specific benefits. While all social networking sites provide a connection to current and future customers as well as the industry, each individual social media site has a community with its own specific personality and etiquette.

BV Media builds out each profile according to these specifics and interacts with the communities therein in ways which support the goals of our clients and the distinctive cultures of the sites themselves.


Lead Generation

Without leads, business does not exist. BV Media understands the importance of lead generation to your business and your marketing strategies. Managing leads of all levels builds a strong and healthy sales pipeline, yielding high profits and repeat business to you.

Lead Categories

Diabetes, Education, Health, Life, Mortgage, Debt, Refi, and many more



Web Design & Creative Design

Creating a web presence is your first step in communicating in the Digital Arena. This is the first thing consumers check out this day in age, when researching a companies products or services. BV Media understands how consumers interact with websites as well as there purchasing habits.

Our team understands what message to convey, to get a consumer to respond.

Give us a call today, and let us build your future.

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